From Jason Yagan,  Founder and Creative Director

As a young creative, I was often told that I had to choose a specialisation in order to get ahead in the industry. Perhaps that would have made for an easier career path, but as someone always looking to improve and learn, I was more interested in exploring fresh ideas to uncover new potential. When most people were zigging, I wanted to zag my way to solve the problem.

Because I didn’t quite fit the typical creative mould, I decided to start my own agency some 15 years ago. Little did I know the amount of change I would see in the industry, and the world, in the years that followed.

The age of ‘digital transformation’ came and went, and the way we engage with technology now is changing daily as is the way we communicate and interact. Furthermore, the things that inspire and motivate humans to act continues to evolve.

This evolution has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing businesses and brands across the world to adapt at unprecedented speed, ours included. 

Over the last few months, we’ve all had to face obstacles none of us could have predicted. Not only have we had to change where we work, but we’ve also had to adapt the way we work, how we communicate and what we say. It’s undoubtedly one of the most challenging periods I’ve faced as a business owner since opening Messy’s doors. 

But it’s also been heartening. Because it’s confirmed how advantageous our agency’s model is. It’s almost as though we were designed specifically to support businesses at times such as these. Our agency was built to succeed in rapid change. Our size, capability and ways of working have given us a track record of delivering innovative solutions by solving problems from all angles. And our buoyancy during the last few months has been less about what we are, and more about what we are not.

We’re not limited by traditional thinking. We’re not reliant on outsourcing expertise. We don’t operate in huge, siloed teams. This new type of agency we’ve created is ideal for this time because it’s all about efficiency, agility and quality. And this approach is something that businesses in many different industries should be looking to adopt now.

Because in today’s environment, brands can’t rest on their laurels or stick to the same old plan. It’s just not effective. It’s time to evolve and adapt or get left behind. And here’s where to start:

1. Embrace multidisciplinary teams and cross-team collaboration

A siloed approach may appear to be working for you, but is it achieving the best outcomes for your business? When departments are siloed, it generally decreases efficiency by slowing down processes and creating communication barriers. Projects simply take longer when multiple stakeholders in each division are involved and that immediate cross-communication isn’t there.

Creating multidisciplinary teams within your business and partnering with agencies who offer this allows you to tap into broader knowledge, expertise and resources that you previously would not have access to. The end result is better outcomes through collective collaboration – people from different teams – whether that’s internally or externally – working closely together to achieve a common goal.

Multidisciplinary teams allow you to tap into broader knowledge, expertise and resources that you previously would not have access to.

2. Agility and flexibility leads to better outcomes 

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that businesses that pivot quickly to overcome challenges are the ones most likely to come out on top. Now more than ever businesses need to be ready and able to do this going forward. Because 2020 has turned everything on its head. Attitudes have changed, and they’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future as the world continues to adjust and we try to find the new norm. 

While many business leaders acknowledge that a more adaptable, flexible approach to working is valuable, it can be a struggle to effectively implement. This is why partnering with the right people is key. And for agencies, the scene is set to be more relevant than ever in supporting this agile way of working. That said, adaptability and multi-disciplinarian teams go against the traditional agency ‘franchise’ model, while specialist agencies simply cannot survive long in a state of flux. Businesses need to be looking for agencies and people that offer new ways of working.

For as Australia begins to reopen its doors and move forward, we must not forget that the world has changed. We must adapt to this, embracing innovative ways of working that allow greater efficiency while supporting the needs of people and business today. To find out more ways to adapt the way you work, check out our article on adapting your marketing plan.

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