Yalla Yalla Food Truck delivers gourmet Lebanese food to events in Sydney, including private events and major festivals with up to 100,000 attendees. New artwork was required to stand out from the competition and showcase the brand personality.

Truck pattern for the Yalla Yalla identity by Messy Design
Yalla Yalla food spread featuring packaging by Messy Design


We created loud, head-turning artwork inspired by Arabic graffiti and bold, geometric patterns. This creative was transformed into a complete wrap for the food truck, with a lightbox on top. We applied the branding across all elements of the business, including uniforms and packaging.


no ordinary food truck

We achieved Yalla Yalla Food Truck’s goal of turning heads everywhere. The unorthodox mix of brickwork, street art and traditional patterns are a unique way of capturing the attention of hungry people and encouraging them to taste their way through the menu.

Yalla Yalla food truck, branding & design by Messy Design
Food packaging for Yalla Yalla by Messy Design
Yalla Yalla truck identity by Messy Design
Yalla Yalla truck identity by Messy Design
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