During a clean out of the Messy Collective offices, we found over 1,000 business cards that were going unused, due to staff changes and a focus on making digital connections with our customers. We decided to put them to good use and promote Messy Design in a different, creative way.

Stop motion video stills by Messy Design
Process image of stop motion video by Messy Design


We considered the key elements of our service offering at Messy Collective—smart problem solving, clear communication, big ideas and real results—then transformed the business cards into an un-skippable video that highlighted these aspects of our brand.


1,000 business cards with 78,000 views

The finished product was a fun, motion graphics video created using frame-by-frame photography of our business cards. The video was a huge success and went viral shortly after its release. It won a Vimeo staff pick award and appeared on mainstream blogs including Gizmodo.

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