EyeHealth1st is the largest online directory for optometrists in Australia. An initiative of MyHealth1st, this digital booking platform connects patients with independent optometrists with a mission to end preventable blindness.

EyeHealth1st Animated eyeball


Many people think eye-checks are just for their vision. Therefore they don’t get their eyes checked until they notice a symptom. What they don’t realise is that optometrists also check for what they can’t see – the early signs of eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma.


A deeper look at your eyes

An interactive ‘Eyesberg’ designed for those who are most at risk, the middle-aged. This visually striking experience allows users to take a deeper look into the eye diseases lurking beneath the surface that only an optometrist can detect and prevent. 

Once users have explored the ‘Eyesberg’ they can conveniently book an appointment with a link through to the EyeHealth1st booking platform.


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