Cycology Club is the first true ‘rhythm riding’ studio in Australia. The business required a brand identity to guide the brand experience, and to launch the new fitness concept for Australians across instagram, online, outdoorexperiential graphics and branded collateral

Cycology Club Sarhys Rocking it
Cycology Club logo mark


It’s been described as ‘nightclubbing on a bike’, although in reality it’s a choreographed, high-intensity session that gives riders a natural high. A full-body workout that includes pushups, tricep dips, crunches, weights and more. Our brand identity needed to fuse the fun-factor of the workout with a strong, aspirational image in order to attract and build the desired fitness community around the ‘Cycologists’.



The new brand identity is premium, and at the same time fun and clever. The brand mark itself is formed from two dynamic Cs flipped inward to create wings and a cycle frame – a visual representation of the brand promise to #ridethehigh. The brand assets were translated into the studio design, as well as the the print social and digital touchpoints.


Cycology Club Foyer Cycology Club Foyer
Cycology Club Website design by messy
Your Cycologist Instagram posts
Cycology Club Sarhys riding
Cycology Club Interiors - stair case Cycology Club Interiors - stair case
The about us page on the Cycology Club website
Cycology Club Internal Wayfinding
Riders infront of the Cycology Club social media wall
Cycology Club Landscape Wall Cycology Club Landscape Wall
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