Google to stop tracking cookies

Google says goodbye to tracking cookies

From 2022, you will no longer be disturbed by the common phrase from Google – “do you accept these cookies?”. Google aims to make cookies “obsolete” within two years and wants advertisers and developers to help during the process. 

Cookies are a small bit of code originally put on websites to allow users to save their login details. Now, however, they’re heavily used as a tool in digital marketing. Director of Chrome Engineering, Justin Schuh announced the change in a blog post. He says that “users are demanding greater privacy – including transparency, choice and control over how their data is used”.

This significant change raises many questions for brands and advertisers about how they will target online customers in the future.

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Amazon Flex Delivery App

Amazon launches an Uber-like delivery app in Australia

Amazon Flex has arrived in Australia. Anyone can download the app and sign up to be a “Delivery Partner”. 

The colossal eCommerce company says this will help parcels get to consumers faster. However, Aussies have concerns over the lack of rights for the workers that sign up to the programme. 

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Kaufland in Australia

Kaufland abandons Australia

After two years of hype, the German big-box retailer Kaufland has made the shock decision to abandon plans to enter the Australian market. 

Kaufland invested over half a billion dollars on property, staff and distribution before unexpectedly pulling the pin. Kaufland said they’ve decided to focus on the European market before launching Down Under. The news has been welcomed by Aussie retailers, relieved they won’t have to compete with another low-price chain.

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Facebook's digital currency Libra

What happened to Facebook’s digital currency?

Facebook’s digital currency ‘Libra’ caused a lot of buzz last June when it was announced, yet just over six months later and another big business has pulled their support for the currency.

Vodafone is the latest to abandon Libra, following suit from PayPal, eBay, Mastercard and Visa due to regulatory uncertainty. The actions of these businesses make it difficult to tell if Libra will still achieve its 2020 launch date.

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