Facebook's Threads App

Facebook launches Threads, a new app that looks very familiar

Users of Snapchat will feel right at home on Threads, the new photo-first messaging app by Facebook. The app links up with people’s Instagram and allows users to instantly message and send photos and videos to their ‘Close Friends’ list only. Like Snapchat, these automatically delete.  

What the Messenger app is to Facebook, Threads is to Instagram. Facebook says they have no immediate plans to advertise on the platform – but let’s just see if that lasts.  

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Google's Quantum Supremacy

Why is Google’s ‘quantum supremacy’ a big deal?

Google claims to have achieved quantum supremacy for the first time ever, a feat that’s been compared to the Wright Brothers Flight in 1903 but for the computer field.

According to Google, one of their quantum computers was able to solve a complex problem in 200 seconds, a task that would apparently take the world’s best supercomputer, IBM’s Summit, 10,000 years to do. IBM has disputed the claim, saying it would take Summit days not years.

So, what exactly is quantum supremacy? Put simply, it’s when a quantum computer does a task that’s almost impossible for a regular or classic computer to do. IBM, Microsoft and Google have all been racing to be the first to achieve the milestone.

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Sugary Coca-cola drinks for sale in store

No more ads for sugary drinks in Singapore

Singapore has become the first country to ban advertising for sugary drinks. The move is part of the country’s new health initiatives and will be enforced across all media platforms, including print, broadcast and online. 

Along with no advertising, sugary drinks must also now feature a colour-coded label that identifies them as unhealthy. More than 84% of Singaporeans voted for the change. Edwin Tong, Senior Minister of State, noted that more than 30 countries have already introduced colour-coded labelling with great success, proving to reduce the sale of sugary drinks significantly. 

Coca-Cola and other beverage companies have already stated they will lower the sugar content of their drinks in Singapore.  


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Chipotle's Boorito

TikTok, a new way to reach Millennials and Gen Z at Halloween

Halloween is a time brands can be creative, and this year was no different. It’s been just over one year since TikTok launched in the US and brands like Chipotle have been taking full advantage of the growing platform to reach its younger audiences.

From October 26 to November 1, Chipotle challenged their fans to create TikToks (15-second videos) in their costumes with the ‘Boorito’, a special type of Burrito. The five posts on TikTok with the most likes would win a year’s worth of free burritos. Chipotle enlisted influencers, including Zach King (25.4 million followers) and Brittany Broski (1.5 million followers), to promote the challenge with their own branded posts. This is Chipotle’s third TikTok campaign this year – and the results are very compelling.

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Kylie Jenner - Rise and Shine Meme

‘Rise and Shine’ – it’s time for merchandise and a trademark application

You may have seen or heard the phrase ‘Rise and Shine’ on social media lately. What began as a seemingly innocent moment during one of Kylie Jenner’s Youtube videos quickly turned into a viral meme on TikTok. The business-savvy social influencer didn’t miss a trick, jumping on the opportunity to produce and sell out of ‘Rise and Shine’ merchandise. She’s even submitted a trademark application to cover more products in the future. 


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Airbnb launches ethical animal experiences

Airbnb has launched an animal-friendly category so people can now enjoy ethical tourism experiences such as high tea with sheep and hiking with rescue dogs! 

The booking juggernaut is the first to offer an animal experience category that’s underpinned by this new, industry-leading animal welfare policy. The trend of ethical animal tourism continues to rise as more people become concerned about animal welfare. 


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Facebook open on iphone next to laptop

Facebook / Instagram updates: a quick roundup for marketers

It seems like almost every week Mr Zuckerberg and his team release a new feature, rule or update. To save you time, here’s a roundup of the key Facebook and Instagram updates that happened in October.

You can now add a poll to your video ad – be more interactive on Facebook with question/voting polls. 

Create cross-account reports – report across different ad accounts for new insights in Business Manager. 

Create click to Messenger ads on Instagram Stories – want more customers to directly message your business? You can now create ‘click to message’ ads for Instagram stories. 

Instagram Explore will now have ads – choosing automatic placements on Facebook will now include the Instagram explore feed. 

Automatically translate ads – if your business is looking to advertise internationally, you can now automatically translate your ads.

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