Students marching through Canberra for the global Climate Strikes

More than 2,500 Australian businesses support employees striking for Climate Change

On the 20th of September, over 300,000 Australians gathered around the country to attend climate strikes, and more than 2,500 local businesses supported their employees attending the rallies by signing the Not Business as Usual alliance. Atlassian, Canva, Ben & Jerrys, Lendi, Oz Harvest and Bank Australia are just a few of the companies who pledged. 

On the day of the strikes, some businesses closed their doors, while others had a meeting-free day, or allowed workers to take an extra-long lunch to join protests.

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Facebook appoints oversight board graphic

Facebook’s new oversight board to moderate the tech giant

Facebook is appointing an independent board to oversee its decisions and overturn any they disagree with. The committee will be able to influence policy and recommend changes, and the first “cases” will be heard in 2020. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says when the board takes a stance “The board’s decision will be binding, even if I or anyone at Facebook disagrees with it.” 

Facebook has faced a lot of scrutiny over its unregulated nature and power. But the introduction of the oversight board means some of this responsibility will now be shifted from their shoulders. However, the independence of the board has been questioned by critics, with eyebrows raised about the fact that members will be chosen by Facebook and paid by a Facebook-established trust. 

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Amazon's Virtual Health Care App

Amazon Pilots Virtual Health Care for Employees

Amazon is piloting an exciting new virtual health care clinic for its Seattle employees (all 53,500 of them) along with their families. Amazon Care is an app that allows users to do everything from book a doctor’s appointment, message a nurse for advice, get a script, arrange an in-house or in-office appointment with a mobile care nurse, and even get prescriptions delivered to their door.  

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Kylie Jenner promoting skinny tea that is now hidden from under 18-yearolds

Instagram hides diet and cosmetic surgery posts

Earlier this year, we saw the removal of likes from Instagram; now weight loss and cosmetic surgery posts will be hidden from users under 18. All of these changes stem from Instagram being labelled as the worst social media platform for mental health (read the report here). 

The ads that will be hidden include those for the popular skinny teas, diet pills, and cosmetic surgery as well as posts that make “miraculous claims”. Actor and body movement activist Jameela Jamil said the move was a “huge win” in the fight against the diet and detox industry. 

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AI Generated Collage of Faces

Free fake stock photos? 100,000 Faces generated by AI

Here to change the world of models and media is Generated Photos. Generated Photos is a collection of 100,000 realistic faces all created using artificial intelligence. They are diverse, gorgeous and free to use in your next ad campaign!

Created by a team of 20 AI and photography professionals, the faces were generated using more than 29,000 photos of 69 different models. The team behind the AI creations says the process will continue to improve over time and admit they are far from done yet. 

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Facebook's Portal on the kitchen bench

Facebook’s Latest Hardware Devices

Facebook is attempting to break into the hardware space with the release of three new video-calling devices, The Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV. The devices can be used for calls, videos, and co-watching television and social videos with your friends. When you are not using it, it’s designed to look like a digital photo frame. 

Calls are made through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and the devices use a panning, zooming camera that moves to keep you in the frame. In light of all of Facebook’s privacy concerns, it is an interesting move to invite themselves into the home. But they have and will be coming to Australia soon.

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