Instagram tests hiding the likes

Bye for now, Instagram likes

In a shock move, Instagram have elected to hide the number of likes shown on its posts in seven countries – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Brazil. On the 17th of July, the number of likes on Australians’ Instagram posts were simply replaced with “others like this”. Currently in a “trial phase”, Instagram claims the change is for the mental health of its users and hopes it encourages people to focus more on what they share, not how many likes their posts get. 

The social media platform, which is owned by Facebook, says this will not affect measurement tools for businesses. However, some believe this may impact influencer marketing, and consequently, brands may turn to traditional advertising on Instagram as likes become less relevant over time.

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Women with L'Oréal Makeup on one half of face

L’Oréal uses augmented reality to increase conversions

Marketers continue to utilise technology to create compelling customer experiences. Most recently, L’Oréal, who last year acquired augmented reality and artificial intelligence business ModiFace, has put AR features on its website. The features are said to have doubled engagement time and tripled conversion rates.

The company has implemented the technology to enable customers to use the camera on their smartphones to visualise what beauty products look like on. L’Oréal’s Chief Digital Officer, Lubomiro Rochet says they “now consider virtual make-up try on to be the base of any experience”.

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Finger pointing at Amazon Prime Day Sales on Tablet

The genius of Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s self-made ‘Amazon Prime Day’ gets bigger and better each year. And this year, on the 15th of July, it was no different with the company selling more than 175 million items worldwide and surpassing its previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined.

The day aims to increase the number of Prime members who pay a yearly subscription to access two-day shipping, discount pricing, Prime Video and Prime Music. According to international Vice-president of Prime, Jamil Ghani, Australians were amongst the fastest in the world to adopt the membership option.

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Doreen Tan, the user and content operations manager for TikTok in Singapore Speaking at Conference

TikTok takes over VidCon and the world

The hottest platform for Gen Z’s stole the show at VidCon this year with hundreds of TikTok fans swarming outside the venue to meet their favourite TikTokers. VidCon was started initially by YouTubers to celebrate fellow vloggers, but this year the video-sharing platform everyone was talking about was TikTok.

TikTok, which was initially known as, started in Shanghai and is the first Chinese App to make it big in both Asia and the USA. At their first marketing conference this month in South-East Asia, TikTok urged marketers that their App is the number one way to reach a younger demographic. Ad formats you can use include the ‘hashtag challenge’, ‘brand takeover’ and ‘in-video ads’.

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Youtube Creator receiving stickers on Super chat

More revenue streams for YouTubers

YouTube has announced new revenue streams for YouTube creators, which mean some influencers can now earn over $400 per minute. 

Fans can now purchase Super Stickers to send to their favourite YouTubers during live streams via Super Chat. Super Chat is now the number one revenue stream for YouTubers, with over 90,000 channels having already received them. Creators can also offer channel memberships at different prices and sell merch directly from their channel. 

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Mobile Facebook Ads Update

A heads up for mobile marketers

Facebook announced it’s changing the size of its mobile ads on the 19th of August to match the look and feel of the newly redesigned App. The number of lines of text that appear in the ads will be cut from seven to three and the size of images will change from 2:3 to 4:5 so they look shorter. Facebook says “this will help drive increased ad effectiveness and make it easier to use the same assets on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.”

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