The logo for Facebook's global currency Libra

What you need to know about Facebook’s global currency

Facebook believes that moving money around the world should be as easy as sending a message. Enter Libra, Facebook’s newly announced currency, set to be available to anyone across the globe with internet and a smartphone as soon as 2020.

Of the 1.7 billion adults across the world without access to a traditional bank, 1 billion of them have a mobile phone. And Facebook believes that’s the answer to making financial services available to everyone. However, sceptics are wary Facebook will have too much power. One thing is for sure – the financial services industry is changing in front of our eyes.

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Air Uber design flying over city

Uber’s Air Taxi

Imagine hailing a ride, taking the lift to the top of the nearest building and flying to your destination. That’s the idea Uber hopes to make a reality in the not too distant future with its shared air transportation, Uber Air. 

The exciting concept is currently scheduled to launch in 2023, with Melbourne announcing it may be one of the first cities to offer the service.

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reCAPTCHA arrow logo

Stop your customers being asked if they’re a robot

Google’s newest free service reCAPTCHA V3 aims to keep your website safe from bots without interrupting your user’s experience.

ReCAPTCHA V3 will no longer be asking your customers to verify if they’re human by selecting traffic lights, ticking a box, or answering a math question before they write a review or download a form. ReCAPTCHA V3 offers a new “frictionless” way of checking for bots. The technology returns a score based on your user’s interactions with your site and calculates how likely it is that they are a bot without your customer being interrupted.

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Laptop with PowerPoint's Presenter Coach Open

PowerPoint’s latest update will help you with more than just your slides

Microsoft PowerPoint already uses artificial intelligence to suggest how to improve the look of your presentations. But now it’s taking it a step further by offering suggestions on how to present. The new Presenter Coach feature will give users feedback on the pace, use of filler words, spot profanity and culturally insensitive phrases, and alert you if you are reading too much directly from the slides. 

As well as the Presenter Coach, there are new design features to help you stay on brand and make presenting numbers more impressive. 

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Uber Eats Drone delivering food

Amazon and Uber both announce separate drone delivery plans

At their re:MARS Conference (Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space) in June, Amazon unveiled their latest Prime Air drone design. Amazon expects to be delivering packages via drone “within months”.

Uber Eats is also getting in on the buzz, announcing they will begin testing food delivery via drone in San Diego later this year. 

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