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Mobile ad spend a big winner

New data from the Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC has revealed smartphone advertising now makes up for more than half of all digital ad spend in the UK. This is the first time it’s ever outperformed desktop advertising.

In other trends, the use of video is also increasing year on year, accounting for 44% of the total display market.

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Wing's Drone flying in the blue sky

Google’s drone delivery service launches in Canberra

Wing, the first drone delivery service has officially launched. The innovative initiative of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been given regulatory approval to commence service in Canberra. This comes after an 18-month trial where they have made over 3000 deliveries to homes around Australia’s capital.

The service is designed to deliver small ‘just in time’ goods such as food and over the counter medicine to homes. All things going well, the service will roll out to more homes in the not too distant future.

But not everyone is happy. Local residents have concerns over noise, privacy, safety and the environment.

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Outside Cashless Supermarket in Sainsbury

Sainsbury goes cash and cardless

The UK’s first checkout-free grocery store is now open for service (self-service that is).

Sainsbury’s have remodelled their central London grocery store to have no tills in the hope of speeding up shopping. Customers are required to download the bright orange app and scan items as they shop. Once they have finished shopping they scan the large QR code instore and pay online.

For customers that have not downloaded the app, there is still the option to pay with cash or card but they must go to the customer service desk. This is the start of the three-month trial period in this location and Sainsbury says they will be iterating continuously based on customer feedback before they decide if or how they would make this experience more widely available.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Updates from Facebook’s F8 Conference

The end of April marked the 10th F8 conference about the future of technology. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced a more privacy focussed platform and leaders shared new upcoming releases from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.

The highlights are Facebook’s new messenger desktop app, a shift to a stronger focus on communities and a Facebook Dating feature.

Instagram has a new shopping channel where you can browse and buy on the platform. They are also working out how to buy straight from creators and will be testing augmented reality on the platform.

In the next few months, businesses will be able to showcase their goods on WhatsApp through a business catalogue that customers will be able to see when chatting to them.

Oculus for Business is launching later this year to help companies reimagine how they do business through virtual reality.

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Cardboard boxes ready to be loaded onto Amazon Prime Air

Amazon promises one-day shipping

Long gone are the days where you had to wait weeks for a package to arrive. Amazon Prime, which launched in Australia earlier this year, has announced their shipping times will soon change from two days to one day. However, Australia may have to wait a little while yet with retail experts saying Amazon has to first open more fulfilment centres across the country.

A spokesperson for Amazon Australia said, “we’re working on speeding up deliveries in every country we serve”.

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