The road to 5G: the biggest news on next-gen mobile networks

The long-awaited evolution to 5G is finally set to begin rollout in 2019. The next era of mobile networking promises ultra-fast data speeds and low latency between device and network. Even before networks have introduced the service, mobile producers such as Samsung, LG and other US-based brands have already begun rolling out 5G capable devices.

Although the evolution and standardisation of 5G has been long and drawn out, the technology could lead to major advancements in smart home, media consumption, augmented reality, self-driving cars, telemedicine and more.

The service is set to launch in Australia next year, read more about what exactly that means here.

Drone Delivery

Alphabet’s Wing is launching a free drone delivery trial in Finland

Alphabet is at it again, this time in Finland. Wing, the Alphabet-owned drone delivery start-up, has announced it will launch a trial service in Finland in 2019. Currently, the company is taking suggestions on their website as to which items the drone will deliver.

The devices can carry items weighing up to 1.5kg and deliver within a 10km radius. As with other service trials, like the one launching in the ACT earlier this year, deliveries will be free of charge.

The company’s argument for drone delivery services remain focussed on the decreased environmental impact as compared to ground-based services; the drone’s carbon footprint is 22 times lower than its ground-based counterparts.

During their trial project in Australia, Wing provided delivery services to 150 people, supplying mostly food and pharmaceuticals. The Australian trial ran in a small rural community outside of Canberra to show technology as a safe and efficient option for delivering products to remote areas, with the test community being a 40-minute round trip from the nearest set of shops.

Online Sales

Digital transformation is critical for B2B companies

Similar to consumers, business-to-business buyers are increasingly using digital channels for purchases and are seeking relevant, personalised experiences online. So far, companies are falling short, 94% of global B2B executives acknowledge that B2B e-commerce is critical, and 84% say accelerating it is a priority, according to research from Accenture Interactive.

Digital customer experience and sales channels are becoming the primary point of differentiation for B2B brands. Those sellers who succeed in digitally progressing their commerce platforms will be those that understand the dynamics and specific content needs of their core customer base, including which transactions belong on which platforms, and overall how to better solve the business problems of their target customers with ease and convenience.

Check out this infographic for an insight into how global markets digital buying behaviours and needs are changing.

Koala Billboard Ikea

Koala cheekily apologises to Ikea with open letter billboard

Australian mattress-turned-furniture producer, Koala, has struck again, cheekily having another go at Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, in the form of an apologetic billboard. The new campaign comes in response to the billboard launched back in August of this year, which used playful language to call out the difficulty of assembling Ikea furniture and therefore bring to light the ease of use of Koala’s own products.

As a continuation of the campaign, last month, Koala placed a new billboard in front of their previous advertisement simulating a handwritten apology note.

“Dear Ikea, we feel bad about the billboard (we’ve never had so much hate mail, good thing we can’t read Swedish). Please accept $100 off our mattress, with code ‘SORRYIKEA’.

Well done, mates.

Linkedin Share to Feed

LinkedIn rebuilds company pages from the ground up

The LinkedIn team have been working hard behind the scenes on the relaunch of their new Pages product. Re-built from the ground up, LinkedIn has worked closely with Crunchbase, an analytics platform used to discover industry trends, investments and news for global companies, allowing them to embed important funding insights and investment information directly into a company’s LinkedIn page.

This will help members keep up-to-date on the companies they’re following as well as validate potential employers funding information to job seekers.

Features will roll out to English speakers over the coming weeks, with a view to expand globally and on the LinkedIn mobile platform in early 2019.

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