2017 was a huge year for Messy and our clients. Read on to discover some quick facts from the past 12 months…

Messy completed 1000 projects

we completed over 1000 projects for our clients

Not a bad number for a small studio! Collaboration is one of our core values at Messy and we worked closely with our clients every day to deliver exceptional results – often within tight deadlines. Highlights included brand strategy, launch and rollout for Cycology Club, a new brand identity and website for Fluent Commerce and ongoing brand support for 1stGroup and their range of sub-brands.

Messy integrated branding in 2017

we delivered truly integrated branding

Messy has invested heavily in becoming a truly integrated branding studio, and it’s paying off for our clients.

In the digital space we redesigned and rebuilt fluentcommerce.com from the ground up, and delivered ongoing brand strategy and design for myhealth1st.com.au.

We provided ongoing UX and branding support for Fitness Australia, and social campaigns for Cycology Club.

We rejuvenated branding and created explainer videos for Wentworth Advantage, plus delivered a brand identity for iconic Canberra Cafe Gus’ Place.

And in one of our favourite projects of the year, we designed the official Snapchat GeoFilters for Vivid Sydney.

Messy doubled in size in 2017

in 12 months, our team doubled in size

We’re building the team to answer any brief, and in the process have added invaluable skills to our studio in digital project management, front-end web development, motion graphics, social and digital marketing, user experience design and user interface design. We’ve got even bigger plans for 2018!

Messy drinks a lot of coffee

we drank a lot of coffee

How else do you think we kept the creativity flowing day and night? All our team members (except for one) are avid coffee drinkers. Never fear, we encourage the use of Keep Cups – so the vast majority of the 3,960 cups did not end up in the rubbish.

If you’d like to chat over a cup of coffee and discuss any plans for 2018, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch.

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