amazon go

In what is a bit of a surprising move, Amazon is moving into the physical retail world with the Amazon Go store. The release video features a store where customers can walk in and out without having to pay at a register. Though it’s just a concept at the moment, Amazon is planning to have a pilot store set up in Seattle next year.

facebook workplace

Using social media at work is typically frowned upon, but Facebook wants to change that with their Workplace platform. Colleagues can create a personalised news feed, create group discussions, and voice and video call in a space that’s completely separate from their personal Facebook accounts.

nike’s new hyperadapt shoes

Self-lacing shoes are no longer just the stuff of movies and sci-fi. Nike has created the HyperAdapt self-lacing shoe and is now selling them to the public. The shoes are able to adapt to the shape of the foot and be adjusted on the fly. But good luck getting some — only available in the US, customers need to make appointments to try and buy the AUD$986 (US$720) pair of shoes.

vine will be resurrected

Many were sad to hear in October that Twitter was axing Vine. Luckily for them, there’s news that Vine will survive after all — though with a difference. The app will become Vine Camera, with the familiar ability to record six second videos, but now they’ll be uploaded to Twitter.

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