uber feed

Uber has recently updated their app to include a ‘feed’. It enables riders to access news and information catered specifically to them on their trip. This adds value to the Uber trip experience and keeps users in-app for longer periods of time.


snapchat spectacles

Snapchat has revived wearable camera technology with Spectacles. Spectacles are fashionable sunglasses with an integrated video camera that makes it easy and fun to create snaps using the app. They are exclusively available through pop-up vending machines, creating high demand across the U.S.A.


gmail supports responsive email design

Gmail has announced support for embedded CSS, which removes the need for inline CSS in their email app. This also means Gmail will finally support media queries and responsive email – making life a whole lot easier for designers and developers.


amazon prime

Over the past week, Amazon has quietly released Prime in Australia – their answer to the hugely successful Netflix. You can now stream any Amazon series you’d like, entirely legally!


facebook removes the 20% text rule

Facebook has recently adopted a new system that allows you to run promotions that would’ve been rejected under their old policy. This is big news for social marketers, allowing us to run ads with larger text. The downside is that these ads may have less audience reach. You can still use Facebook’s text overlay tool to check the amount of text in your next ad.

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