It’s been a busy time here at Messy, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting out and absorbing new ideas. Last week we attended a viewing of Design Disruptors, a film looking into the world of the Disruptor. This has been a buzzword in the industry of late and it’s definitely something we’ve been talking about at Messy. We were curious to find out what the film had to say about some key issues: what exactly is a disruptor, what are the benefits of design disruption, and what can we learn from this way of approaching problems?

what is a disruptor?

In simple terms, a disruptor is a business that challenges the accepted conventions and approaches problems from a new perspective. In today’s world, disruptors are using new and emerging technologies to solve problems that we have all come to accept as normal. Whether it’s finding better ways to move around a city, book accomodation, or watch your favourite movies, disruptors challenge the status quo and completely transform the way we live and work.

“an established industry that only serves the people at the very top is ripe for disruption”

people power

Netflix, Uber, Salesforce, Lyft, Apple, Airbnb, Google, Slack, Tinder, Snapchat; these are all great examples of companies often described as disruptors. They’re all leveraging new technology — mainly smartphones and the web — to challenge established industries and fix once unsolvable problems. But what they also have in common is their focus: people.

More than anything, successful businesses put the user and their problems first. Any decision, any idea, any design, needs to be approached from the context of the user and the world that they live in. This is where so many established companies fail: they’re more concerned about their own needs and purpose in the world, rather than the needs of their users. This is where design comes in to help.

Design aims to solve problems. It’s about asking questions and finding the answers. The successful disruptors leverage design thinking and creative approaches to transform their industries. User-centric design is the bridge between emerging technology and humans. The graphical user interface, the app icon, the share button, the news feed; all great design solutions that connect the user to once complex systems.

Uber, Netflix, Airbnb disruptors

“everything is designed. few things are designed well.”

so why be disruptive?

Disruption isn’t a new idea. Industries have been upended and challenged since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Radio disrupted newspapers, television disrupted radio, the internet disrupted television. But more than ever before, user-centric design is being used by disruptors to fight the status quo and find better solutions to problems. Companies are learning that if you ignore your user, your user will ignore you. Everyday at Messy, we’re constantly thinking about the end user and their problems, their context, and their needs.

Design strategy is more important than ever in creating a successful business with purpose. If you’re ready to put your users first, simply call us on +61 2 8040 9229 or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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