Let’s go back a decade to 2005. It was a different world for designers, marketers and consumers. No iPhone, no Facebook and print media was unquestionably a wise investment. Back in those days a campaign spanning multiple channels required several agencies and various creative departments.

Is your business still following the same cumbersome model in 2016? I can tell you there’s a better way to deliver the same results with an agile, integrated studio like Messy Design.

Integration in branding is something I’m really passionate about, so when I was invited to be a guest industry speaker for the University of Sydney’s Integrated Marketing Communications course, I jumped at the opportunity.

It was a great chance to share my experiences from the past 17 years with up-and-coming marketers and discuss my thoughts on the future of integrated marketing.

“as technology evolves, we must adapt our skills to meet the demand for end-to-end integrated branding”

To me integration is taking a big idea and consistently applying it to the correct channels to reach the right audiences. The ability to deliver full-service integration with a small, expert team is a relatively new concept in our industry. We’ve had ‘multi-disciplinary’ and ‘media agnostic’ agencies for years, but they’ve been large firms offering siloed services, or boutique design studios specialising in one or two channels.

At Messy, when we talk about integrated branding, we reach audiences through three main touchpoint categories: Physical, Social and Digital.

Jason Yagan Lecturing at Sydney University

Physical touchpoints are those that we experience in the ‘real world’ such as a brochure, a retail store or a billboard.

Social covers the platforms that enable conversations between people and brands such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Digital touchpoints are websites, video and display ads to name a few.

At Messy we’ve been asked to engage audiences across so many different touchpoints that I was able to rattle off 75 examples across these three categories with ease. Being a smaller, more agile studio has allowed us to maintain a user-centric approach and keep pace with technology changes in order to integrate campaigns across all channels.

Want to see some examples?

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“integrated branding is about delivering a big idea with consistency to the right audience through the right channels at the right times”

Mobile technology has allowed all touchpoints to converge

It’s no secret that we are all hooked to our smartphones. We check them first thing in the morning then touch them on average 2617 times a day. Being connected to them 24/7 gives brands more opportunities than ever to engage with their audience. What gets me excited is that smartphones also enable the physical, social and digital touchpoints to converge and truly integrate.

Social, Physical, Digital touchpoints


Smartphone users are key to integration

Here’s a basic scenario. A customer is browsing for a product on their phone, in the digital space. They see a Facebook remarketing banner in the social space. They click through to a landing page and buy. On checkout they decide to click and collect the order from a physical store. When they enter the store a digital beacon alerts them to an up-sell offer. The store attendant greets them, scans the bar code from their smartphone and hands over the order. Excited about their purchase, the customer snaps a photo of the physical packaging on their phone and uploads it to a social channel where the word spreads. This customer has become a valuable advocate for the brand, all thanks to mobile technology and an integrated campaign.

Because we live in an integrated world, it’s our responsibility to know about every touchpoint in the customer journey in order to design the right solutions to engage them along the way. What’s more, by engaging our data & analytics partner Tribalism we can we can measure this engagement and adapt the campaign strategy as needed.

Want to know more about integrated branding and marketing campaigns?

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