This week I showed our team the D&AD talk A Short History of Mobile Marketing by Scott Seaborn. If you’re after a basic rundown on the history of mobile campaigns (and what possibilities await in the future) I suggest you watch it too. Amongst other things, Scott referenced the first ever TV commercial to demonstrate a point (see clip above).
In 1941, with access to a new technology, the advertisers (Bulova watches) borrowed from old technology – print and radio. The resulting ad was nothing more than a print ad on screen with a radio voiceover. Considering what we know about TV today, this was a poor use of format.

Obviously I wasn’t around in 1941 but I’ve been around just long enough to have witnessed the dot-com boom and the rise of digital design and marketing. I can relate to this old way of thinking as it was a common mistake made in the late 90’s by print designers transitioning to design for web. If nothing else we must remember that mobile is still a relatively new format that requires format-specific thinking to make best use of it’s capabilities.

It’s exciting to think where technology will take us in the next 10 years and what design lessons we’ll learn along the way.

At Messy Collective we believe in a mobile-first design approach for better user experience. Contact us for more information.

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